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BSU and University of Idaho Come out of the Closet

Boise State University and University of Idaho will be sponsoring drag queen events in April.

The Boise State University Residential Housing Association (BSURHA) announced a drag show held on Tuesday April 12th (last night). BSURHA sought students to perform at the event, as AF Journalism reports:

Eager to recruit students to join the drag show, they posted, “Student performers wanted for the RHA Early 2000’s Drag Show happening April 12th! Fill out the form in our linktree to sign up! Application closing soon.” The events page for BSU goes further in detail about the event, by stating, “Join us for a fun evening of performances by local drag professionals as well as some performances by Boise State Students. As mentioned, the performance will be "Early 2000s" themed, specifically pop culture which can include inspiration from "Mean Girls", "Legally Blonde", Britney Spears and more…If you are a drag enthusiast, interested in drag, or just want to see an amazing performance by local talents, then you will not want to miss this!”

Vice Squiwly Bones partnered with organizers to bring students for the drag show. Bones performs for "all ages. no cover.” Bones seems to be a go-to drag performer for Boise State, bringing sexually suggestive posts, dances, and behavior to BSU's 2019 Mexican Heritage celebration and to the 2014 "grand opening" celebration of Diversity Day at the Multicultural Student Services.

Nor is BSU the only university sponsoring such events. University of Idaho will also be hosting a "Gender and Sexuality Alliance Queer Prom" on Saturday April 16 in the Vandal Ballroom. The Queer Prom promises "a night of enchantment at a prom open to anyone on campus."

These events must come as a surprise to many Republican legislators, who had argued that Idaho's universities had stopped emphasizing critical race theory and sexual deviancy.

Conservatives in Idaho's legislature have led the charge in defunding Idaho's universities for adopting a destructive Leftist agenda. In 2020 and 2021, Idaho sought to stop in the spread of critical social justice ideology on its campuses by slowing budget increases for Idaho's universities or even cutting some of their budgets. The legislature also demanded that universities report on how they were returning to their core educational mission while deemphasizing the poisonous ideology.

Leaders of Boise State and University of Idaho reported that nothing untoward was happening on their campuses. Even though Rep. Ron Nate heroically catalogued social justice spending in Idaho higher education before the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee, a majority of Idaho legislators in both houses refused to consider such evidence.

Leading the charge to increase funding for the universities was Senate Pro Term Chuck Winder. “I don’t think you’re going to see a push to actually reduce funding for higher ed,” he said at an Idaho Press Club forum with Democratic Leaders. The Democratic Minority Leader echoed Winder's sentiments, specifically criticizing lawmakers for being worried about what Idaho's universities were up to.

Most legislators were unwilling to look under the hood and see what was going on at the universities. Idaho's House of Representatives passed the budget by a 46-22 vote. Many Republicans joined all the Democrats in supporting an 8% increase in the higher education budget. The Senate passed the higher education budget on a 30-5 vote. Gov. Brad Little signed the bill on March 23.

A week after the funding increase Boise State and University of Idaho began promoting their alternative-lifestyle dances.

Pictures from the event will be uploaded later in the day.

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