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Can a Firefighter Drain the Swamp?

A hot senate campaign is shaping up in District 3. Idaho Tribune has the story of Carl Bjerke, a retired firefighter, taking on Peter Riggs. Who is Peter Riggs?

Pfizer, as well as Johnson & Johnson, donated to Riggs during the COVID lockdowns in 2021, while businesses across Idaho shuttered under Boise regulation.

Peter Riggs is also the brother of Jennifer Drake, who is chair of Coeur d’Alene’s controversial Arts Commission that continues to oppose the will of local residents, erecting art displaying the communist Hammer & Sickle, as well as most recently appointing a controversial new committee member, Abby Light, whose work revolves around sexually graphic imagery.

Peter’s wife has also enjoyed the family connections with the Arts Commission, which has displayed her art locally throughout Coeur d’Alene.


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