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DC Blog Sees McGrane as a Threat to Election Integrity (Updated)

Gateway Pundit, a prominent conservative blog in Washington DC, has dropped a post about Idaho's Secretary of State election. "Scary. RINO Who Supports Zuckerbucks Is Leading Idaho’s Secretary of State Race – Phil McGrane Would be a Disaster for Idaho."

Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane is currently leading his 3-way GOP primary by a small margin according to recent polls from a few weeks ago (60% of voters were still undecided).

Election day is rapidly approaching in Idaho on May 17th.

Idaho is a solidly red state. But like in other red states Democrats are working to put imposters in office who support a liberal agenda.

Phil McGrane solicited, accepted, and now defends taking “Zuckerbucks” that were used to benefit Democrats and stop Trump in 2020. There were two documentaries recently that explain how Zuckerbucks helped Democrats steal the 2020 election from President Trump – Rigged and 2000 Mules.

2000 Mules actually provided evidence on how thousands of Democrat-linked ballot traffickers made tens of thousands of illegal ballot drops into unsecured ballot drop boxes. The number of illegal ballots inserted into the drop boxes were enough to swing the election to Joe Biden in every battleground state.

This was all made possible by the millions of dollars Mark Zuckerberg invested into the 2020 election to help Joe Biden and Democrats.

Phil McGrane is an enemy of election integrity in multiple ways but the RINOs in Idaho are supporting him for some reason. What is it with these dirty RINOs this year?

This Web video was going to run on broadcast and cable TV in Idaho with strong dollars behind it. But high-level establishment republicans who want the RINO to win twisted arms to have it taken down to keep it hidden from voters.

We are posting it here.

Phil McGrane is a “Republican” candidate who will slowly work to turn Idaho blue, chipping away at election integrity and making it easy to cheat. This is the game plan of the left in red states — to use certain republicans as their proxies to slowly destroy ballot integrity. Phil even used to be an attorney at the Elections Assistance Commission (EAC), which says enough. We have written extensively on the EAC here at The Gateway Pundit.

Establishment Republicans in Idaho believe they have this one in the bag, but this race is incredibly divisive as more and more people find out about Phil. He has no business winning any GOP primary. It would be a true travesty. He’ll simply preserve and make a broken system worse, by design.

Actual picture from a north end Boise home from Gateway Pundit article.

See also Action Idaho articles on how the Zuckerbucks actually affected Idaho elections in 2020.

Phil McGrane Dances with Zuckerbucks


Zuckerbucks Buy a Tax Break

Action Idaho will be covering the events that led to the ad being pulled later in the day. Stay tuned.


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