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Democrat Tommy Arkoosh Pledges NOT to Defend Idaho’s Abortion Laws as Attorney General

Democrat Attorney General candidate Tom Arkoosh, pictured at his announcement, pledges to abandon Idaho's abortion laws in the face of federal pressure.

Idaho Democrats have recruited Tom Arkoosh, Boise lawyer, to face Raul Labrador in the November election to become Idaho's Attorney General. Fake Republicans like Jim Jones have signed up for his campaign, as have several former statewide office holders. What are these fake and liberal Republicans hoping to get from Tommy Arkoosh?

The first indication comes from Arkoosh’s statement on Idaho's abortion law that bans abortion except in cases of documented rape and incest and except where the life of the mother is at serious risk.“Were I attorney general," Arkoosh writes,"I could not defend the Idaho law.” Arkoosh thus pledges to stop defending the Idaho law and allow Merrick Garland to dictate abortion policy to the state. Arkoosh would not even fight the feds to defend Idaho’s duly passed laws. He would quit the field before the battle. “I could not defend the Idaho law.”

Presumably, this means, if Arkoosh does not like the law of Idaho, then he will not defend the law of Idaho if a force within the federal government objects.

Idaho must have an attorney general who will defend Idaho’s laws when the national government objects to them because examples of federal encroachment will proliferate in the coming years.

The current occupant of the White House is imposing transgender policies on schools as part of the condition for federal aid. We need an Attorney General who will fight that. But Arkoosh may just quit the field instead of protecting Idaho's laws.

Feds will require abridgments of due process in various cases where blacks and women claim to be victims. We will need an Attorney General who will fight that. Arkoosh has said he will not.

This issue of protecting Idaho's laws came up during Arkoosh's announcement tour. Raul Labrador, Arkoosh's Republican opponent, has made defending Idaho's ability to make its own laws a centerpiece of his campaign. “The people of Idaho deserve a person of integrity who is aggressive in the actions that they take against the federal government and against big government overreach,” Labrador said in his debate against incumbent Lawrence Wasden.

In an interview with the leftist Idaho Capital Sun soon after announcing his candidacy, Arkoosh said that protecting state sovereignty was just one of "Raúl’s issues," but that it is not part of the attorney general's job. Arkoosh promised to be "even-handed" when faced with the pressures from the national government. His compliance to Merrick Garland on abortion is, apparently, a preview of things to come.

Idaho’s governor reacted with backbone against the federal intervention. Gov Little promised to work with Idaho’s attorney general to defend the state law “in the face of federal meddling.” Gov. Little could not work with Tommy Arkoosh to protect Idaho’s laws. Arkoosh would bend his knee to master Garland and allow him to dictate Idaho’s law to it.


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