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Do Not Work for People Who Hate You: Instead Use Red Balloon

Andrew Crapuchettes founded Red Balloon, a job site devoted to free speech, as a means of connecting employees who are desperate for a work environment free of constant indoctrination, with employers who have no desire to use their company platform to push their own ideals.

Before founding Red Balloon, Crapuchettes was CEO of EMSI, a marketing research firm. Crapuchette said, “The board decided that I was a little too conservative, and a little too Christian for their liking, [and I] found myself delightfully unemployed.”

Crapuchettes’ original plan was to take time to invest in real estate, but ended up starting a job board on a dare. Red Balloon was originally specific to Crapuchettes’ own town, Moscow Idaho. However, within a week he began to receive requests from people around the country, asking when Red Balloon was going to go national.”

“After about a month of dragging my sweet wife told me that I was being stupid, and I really needed to bless people around the country and not just here. And so I start hiring people, and Red Balloon blows up.”

The numbers of people using Red Balloon has ballooned since its founding in July 2021. Only nine months in, and Red Balloon has already helped 1,800 employers, and has had over 700,00 unique visitors to their website. Those numbers are more than triple today.

“It’s actually not a good job to be getting into, there’s like a thousand job boards around the country... but our innovation right now is just freedom.”

As the US begins to politically polarize itself, more and more businesses are beginning to use their platform as a means of mandating an ideology for their own employees, sometimes even pushing that ideology out in newsletters to their customers. One can hardly order paper owels online, without their email then being flooded with articles such as Amazon Empowers Women, or Nike Celebrates Diversity. Pledging fealty to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has become the precondition for working.

Crapuchettes mourned the loss of a work environment where employees were simply allowed to work, without being constantly harassed, or pressured into keeping their own opinions to themselves. “As a West Coast CEO, I had colleagues...who, over the last couple of years have started to feel very comfortable using their company platform to push their worldview.”

This is not simply about conservatives who want their work environment to be shaped by their own political views. Crapuchettes welcomes the participation of all. “Anybody is welcome who’s willing to respect the freedom of their employees to make their own decisions about what they put in their body... We have a lot of left leaning hippies from California on the job board.”

Crapuchettes also commented, “Conservatives are the largest ideological group in America, but they’re the least likely to say anything... We can walk with a rock in our shoe longer than anybody. We grow numb to pain.”

As our country’s media is almost wholly controlled by the left, it is increasingly easier to believe that conservatives are a drastic minority in the country. Thus far, the left’s most effective strategy has been that of silencing the conservatives, and leading us to believe that we are drastically outnumbered.

Crapuchettes has appeared all over the national media promoting the concept of Red Balloon. He has been on Fox Business so often he is practically a regular contributor. And he regularly posts on the RedBalloonWork YouTube site.

Many must stay at their jobs. But many more can imagine a new way of working. Red Balloon can help.


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