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Dozens of BSU, University of Idaho Professors Register as Republicans, But Are Really Leftists

Many Idaho professors register as Republicans, but they are liberals who are crossing over to spike conservative candidates. Many Republicans owe their election to such shenanigans.

America’s university faculty are seriously left-wing. The professorate leaned left in 1969 (2 liberals for every conservative), then bent further left (5:1) by 1999. As of 2016, it was 11.5:1 and going further left every year as conservatives retire and leftists are hired. Other studies confirm these ratios in liberal arts schools.

The best measure for this is actual voter registration numbers, which can be found in publicly available sources. Democrats seriously outnumber Republicans across the board. Some disciplines are much more skewed, with anthropology (42:1), sociology (27:1), history (34:1) and literature (27:1) leading the way.

Furthermore, while 64% of male social scientists identify with the political Left, a whopping 85% of female social scientists do. Most students never have a conservative female professor. Ever. As universities trend female, more leftists. 55% of Boise State’s teachers are female.

This is all worse in Idaho. Not only do Idaho’s public universities spread poisonous ideologies without providing anything close to ideological balance. The universities are also filled with faculty who register as Republicans so that they can vote in Republican primaries. Our universities corrupt our state and they corrupt the conservatives trying to save the state. A Daily Double!

Consider, for instance, Boise State’s School of Social Work. Nationwide, leftist social work professors outnumber conservatives by a huge factor, making social work one of the most left-wing majors on campuses. Left-wing activism is sown into the requirements in the social work “discipline.” Students are routinely kicked out of programs for failing to adhere to the social justice lines. At BSU, however, twelve social work faculty are registered as Democrats, while seven are registered as Republicans (and 11 are unaffiliated). There appears to be balance. Kind of a miracle, it seems, to have 7 Republicans in one social work department!

But look under the hood. These so-called Republicans are leftists who have registered as Republicans to affect the Republican primaries. Randy Magen, for instance, an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, is registered as a Republican. His Twitter feed, followed by 25 people, reveals that he is pro-abortion, pro-racial quota, pro-gun control, pro-vaccine, pro-lockdown, pro-Reclaim Idaho initiative, and really left-wing on everything. He registers as a Republican, presumably to vote for the most left-wing candidates, but then to vote for Democrats in the general election. The same seems to be true of other professors of social work who identify as Republicans. Five are women. Do the math. This department is filled with fake Republicans.

Sociology departments around the country are similarly skewed toward the Democrats and leftists. A Brookings poll found that Democrats outnumbered Republicans 47 to 1 in sociology. Other studies of registration suggest the number is more modest, like 27 to 1. But Boise State’s sociology department is superficially different: three Republicans and seven Democrats. Again, however, the Republicans seem to be fake Republicans, masquerading in order to spike conservatives in Republican primaries. Take a look at the biographies of so-called Republicans, Chandra Reyna (a CRT advocate who uses the word Latinx), Rebecca L. Som Castellano, and Kristina Jensen. Again, heavy on the women. None of them are really Republicans.

Boise State’s School of Public Service is filled with fake Republicans too, where Republicans actually outnumber Democrats 13:12. Prof. Scott Yenor is probably a conservative, but a large percentage, if not all, of other twelve are poseurs. Again, most are women. Every one of these so-called Republican faculty signed the political science letter condemning Yenor’s conservative speech recently.

University of Idaho professors fit in more with the national trends. Its politics and philosophy department has 9 Democrats and zero Republicans (with nine unaffiliated). Its English Department has 8 Democrats and 1 Republican (14 have no affiliation). Its Culture, Society and Justice program has 5 in each party with twelve unaffiliated. These five -- Leontina Hormel, Ryanne Pilgeram, Deborah Thorne, Mark Warner, and Brian Wolf –are fakers, it seems.

Academic bias is real—and getting worse—on nearly all modern American campuses. Idaho’s universities are no exception. Once our legislature started to do something about it, professors started identifying as Republicans to do something about the legislature. These are leftists—serious leftists—registering as Republicans in order to wreck conservatives in the Republican primary.

A smart legislature would recognize the threat that our universities pose to the future of Idaho and starve them of public funding. Look at what the people in the university do, not what they say they are doing to figure out whether they want to transform the state. (Though they do say they want to transform the state too!)

A smarter Republican Party would consider a caucus system, the only way to disqualify leftist voters from pretending to be Republicans. (More on that again soon.)