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Harrison Blvd. Hate Crime Hoax?

More wokeness; more hoaxes.

Establishment outlets assume that the disappearance of dozens of rainbow pride flags on Harrison Blvd in Boise is a hate crime. That is pure speculation, based on their Narrative. The hubbub on Harrison has the hallmarks of a hate crime hoax.

Hate crime hoaxes are crucial to the Left’s way of maintaining power and building allegiance among their clients. Someone from a disadvantaged group—a gay, a BIPOC, a Muslim—claims to be beat up or done wrong in some way. Public figures rise up to say “this is not who we are.” Police promise to investigate. Allies worry that the deep-seated hatred remains, though the community itself rallies to support the aggrieved. It is a wonderful performance!

Hate crime hoaxes are nothing new in Boise. In 2006, a student at Boise State named Alex McGillis told police that an unidentified man beat him with some object while shouting “anti-gay” epithets. (Remnants of the story have been mostly scrubbed from the internet.) Students wept at what was done to poor Alex. Boise State sponsored a rally on campus “No Oppression Tolerated, Not on Our Campus.” There was a candlelight vigil on the quad. T-shirts were made.

McGillis later confessed that it was all made up, a hoax. But the rally was not cancelled and students still proudly wore their “Not on Our Campus” t-shirts, without irony. The hoax helped rally the friends and stigmatize the enemies. The fact that it was made up was not material.

The McGillis hoax was a perfect example of how hoaxes reinforce the LBGTQIA+ Narrative. This Narrative holds that good gays or trans, who just want to be left alone and accepted, are surrounded by violent bad homophobes and transphobes. Gays and trans are persecuted minorities; the rest of the population wants to do them violence, either mental or physical. The media act with their Megaphone to rally for this Narrative, as there were articles in newspapers and on websites and such. All loudly decry the environment of hate and the innocence and victimhood of the supposedly persecuted.

This Narrative makes the persecuted cling to one another more and fight the supposedly homophobia. The Narrative is also designed to make those who do not celebrate diversity (as the Narrative spinners would say) feel guilty about their opposition. No one wants to be in the same category as gay-bashers or violent thugs or thieves. Enemies of the Narrative are cowed into silence.

The demand for expressed anti-LBGTQIA+ hate exceeds the supply. The cult of LBGTQIA+ needs continual propaganda reinforcement. The LBGTQIA+ community is held together by their othering of the other. They need scapegoats. They need the opposition. Without it their Pride turns to shame.

The so-called crime is pretty implausible, in that it involved taking lots of flags from poles on a well-travelled road where rich libs have external cameras. Police have not released any surveillance video yet though they have sought videos. Police have not found perpetrators who took 35 or so flags this year after several days, even though they found the fellow who took two flags immediately last year.

But the performance must nevertheless go on because the Harrison Blvd hubbub fits the Narrative. Homophobes have stolen flags. That shows that the people of Idaho oppose Gay Pride. The LBGTQIA+ community on Harrison Blvd has rallied to meet the supposed threat. An anonymous donor has covered the cost of replacing the flags. No one in the LBGTQIA+ community is going to back down. They have rallied, in an almost baptismal ritual, to put new flags up.

Meanwhile, the police will seek the perpetrators, never publicly entertaining the idea that this could be a hoax. The police support the Narrative. “Our officers,” according to an interview, “will not tolerate any crime that targets or makes someone feel targeted because of who they are or who they choose to love.” This makes a special show of so-called hate crimes, as if they are more worth of police attention than other crimes. The so-called crime is decried by all who have the local Megaphones, just the way all other hate crime hoaxes are. Possible “malicious harassment charges” will be filed against anyone who has stolen these sacred items.

Hoaxes are not uncommon. They are increasingly common since the rise of Donald Trump. Remember Jussie Smollett? Lists of hoaxes can be found through, while google has algorithms that make them harder to find. Wilfred Reilly wrote Hate Crime Hoax in 2019 to discuss the phenomenon: the Harrison hubbub follows Reilly’s pattern.

In fact, anytime a “hate crime” fits with the Narrative, citizens should consider it a psychological-operation in support of the Narrative and promoted by the Megaphone until it is proved not to be. It is designed to promote shame among the “dirt-people” who are not enthusiastic about Gay Pride, while it puffs the "cloud people" up with their own moral superiority.


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