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Human Resources Have Gone Woke, Even in Idaho

No company has to accept woke services, even in Human Resource departments. Alternative, non-woke HR professional are there to fill the gaps.

Most large companies have human resource departments, charged with everything from hiring to training to legal compliance. Human Resources (HR), once thought to be professional and neutral, are often pushing the woke agenda in companies large and small. HR departments in Idaho’s companies are no exception.

Consider a recent example about abortion where employee benefits were customized to support the pro-choice ideology. DICK’S Sporting Goods, according to Lauren Hobart, its president and CEO, would "reimburse employees up to $4,000 for travel expenses associated with obtaining an abortion.”

DICK’S was just following the lead of SHRM, the national HR association. SHRM’s website offers its members access to abortion resources and materials, including a sample “Memo to Employees Regarding the Overturning of Roe v. Wade.” A real HR practitioners would recognize that employees can learn about overturning Roe v. Wade on their own time.

This is no isolated incident. A recent e-newsletter was filled with Critical Race Theory webcasts to educate white employees about their secret racism. One offered HR managers a chance to earn a “Disrupt Implicit Bias in Your World Certificate.” Another offered a workshop on “The New Ethics of Leadership,” which emphasized the virtues of equity, belonging and climate change.

One of Idaho’s premier human resource associations is part of this national trend. In December 2022, the Human Resources Association of the Treasure Valley (HRATV) unveiled a Professional Development and Networking program on “How to Overcome Resistance to DEI” presented by Dima Ghawi. Ghawi’s presentation reflects her biography. Just as she had to break free from the oppressive culture in the Muslim Middle East, she will in turn help liberate Americans stuck in cages of racism and misogyny and homophobia. She seems to think her experiences, false assumptions and blanket accusations will lead to workplace harmony.

The HRATV group had a similar workshop in June 2022, called “How to Build DEI & EQ" presented by Lauren Sweeney. Sweeny peddled the chief lie of the HR industry, namely that disparities harm productivity. “A gap," she says, "continues to persist between what looks good on paper and the inclusion that is (or is not) taking place.” She mentions a recent article from Harvard Business Review stating that “without inclusion, the crucial connections that attract diverse talent, encourage their participation, foster innovation, and lead to business growth won’t happen.” Companies grow because they are productive and anticipate the needs of clients and employees, not because they are filled with diversities.

Companies like Micron Technologies, Blue Shield of Idaho and others send their HR people to the HRATV, who in turn bring back its Woke HR policies to their workplaces. Even in Idaho.

Why is Non-Woke HR better for companies and better for Idaho?

Woke employees are a minority, when compared with employees that want a professional environment. HR practitioners that provide professional services are rewarded with higher employee engagement and happier employees. According to Gallup, “businesses with highly engaged teams experience a 20% lift in productivity.” Further, according to the Workforce Institute on Absenteeism, businesses saw a drop in absenteeism (unearned Paid Time Off) by 41% when teams were engaged in their work. On average, highly engaged teams will experience a 40% improvement in turnover.” Employees that collaborate together with a shared focus create a positive environment.

There are non-woke HR options available. One local HR leader, Brenda Gilchrist of HR Matrix, is making national waves by simply advising clients not to take action against employees that refused to vaccinate and telling companies to stay neutral and not bring politicized policies into the workplace. She undoes a lot of damage from politicized HR directors and helps to companies rebuild trust with employees.

HR professionals interested in preserving the American way of life should lead with convictions or resign if they are forced to implement divisive and/or demoralizing policies. Idaho businesses do not have to accept woke HR directors. They can clean house and sustain companies that they can be proud of.


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