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Idaho Health and Welfare Supports Gay Pride

Rep. Heather Scott has produced a chart showing how Idaho's state government has supported LGBTQ Pride Festivals across Idaho. Over $100,000 from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare went to support Gay Pride activities in 2021. (For details see Rep. Scott's chart below drawn from the State Controller's site.)

Health and Welfare gave grants of $20,000 to Boise Pride Festival for a Consultant and an additional $15,000 for Other Professional Services. An additional $20,000 went to the Boise Pride Festival through a sub-grant, and $9,500 went to other miscellaneous expenses. In Boise alone, $55,000 in public monies has gone to support a private organization celebrating homosexuality in public spaces.

Health and Welfare spent at least $25,000 for Gay Pride in the Twin Falls area. It provided The Southern Idaho Pride Inc, $15,000 for Publicity and Promotion and $10,000 for a sub-grant. The North Idaho Pride Alliance also received a few thousand dollars for its activities in 2021.

This is but another example of our public institutions promoting degeneracy. We have catalogued instances of it in Coeur d'Alene and at our universities.

Why should we care? Civilizations are fragile. They depend on honoring institutions like the family and the rule of law. Other practices point to corruption and degeneracy.

By degeneracy, Action Idaho means things like promoting drug use through needle exchanges, sexualizing children through groomer schools and libraries, tolerating homelessness, accepting lawless behavior in order to be "welcoming" to people of other cultures, or promoting the public celebration of transgenderism. Civilization depends on people of virtue--people capable of taking on responsibility, of practicing temperance and moderation, of self-control, and even of practicing courage in the face of long odds or tyrannical laws. It depends on a deeply-held, shared way of life. No republics without virtue. A government that promotes degeneracy does not care about sustaining republican government. Period.

Conservatives have complained forever about the size of growing government. The debate about the size of government has been over for years. There is an extensive welfare state in every modern country and in every prosperous country. It’s almost a rule of modern life: the more prosperous the country, the more it will spend on social programs. It would seem like it should go the other way, that the richer people are the more they would be independent of government assistance. We might even wish that with wealth came smaller government, but it simply is not the case. Howling against big government is like howling at the moon. Trump is among the first modern conservative candidates to understand this.

So the least we can ask as a people is for a government that does no harm with its immense power, with the hope that government can promote the virtues of citizenship necessary for a country to remain.


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