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Identifying the Species of RINO

Since Idaho is a Republican state, it is in people's interest to appear as Republicans. This problem will always be with us. Daniel Bobinski does some deep diving on how to recognize those posing as Republicans.

Throughout the state, deceptive groups are putting on the Republican label but do not agree with the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Not only do they dismiss Republicans who subscribe to the platform, they have created multiple news sites, action groups, and political action committees that smear constitutional conservative Republicans as “extremists.“ Using deceptive techniques that have become all the rage (similar to “ANTIFA” claiming to be Anti-Fascist when their philosophy actually embraces Fascism), Idahoans must now sift through genuine-sounding names like:

  • Take Back Idaho

  • Reclaim Idaho

  • Conservatives Against Liars

  • Conservative Accountability Project

  • Idaho Conservatives

  • Defend and Protect Idaho

Again, these groups are not conservative, even though they claim to be. Voters must know that the people speaking for these organizations are either intentionally pushing for statist, top-down authoritarian government, or they’ve been unwittingly duped into doing so.

Dr. Bobinski has much more at the link. How can people generally identify these Democrats in Conservative Clothing? That the species of Democrats in Conservative Clothing exist no one can deny. Spotting them can be tricky sometimes. Here are some tell-tale signs.

  1. Does the person spend a lot of time criticizing conservatives in leftist media? Do they write op-eds in leftist media against conservatives?

  2. Do they adopt the Left's narrative about conservatives, namely that conservatives are "extremists," or "insurrectionists" or white supremacists or whatever?

  3. Do they accomplish conservative goals without prodding from real conservative "extremists"?


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