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Leftist, Activist named Teacher of the Year by Idaho's Department of Education

Karen Lauritzen is just one in a long line of leftists named Teacher of the Year in Idaho and around the country.

Idaho Tribune has broken an important story. Karen Lauritzen, a committed Leftist, has been named Idaho's Teacher fo the Year by Idaho's Department of Education. This is no surprise. All over the country teachers are selected for their willingness to adopt cutting edge, leftist philosophies.

A story from Minnesota illustrates how many become Teacher of the Year in their states.

Jackie Roehl was named Teacher of the Year in Minnesota in 2012. Roehl began her career as an English teacher teaching books, having discussions about "literature." Then her eyes were opened to how she promoted whiteness through trainings in Critical Race Theory. As Roehl recounts, "Although I called these discussions Socratic and believed I was teaching my students critical thinking skills, I realized that mostly my White students were reflecting my White Culture back to me." What they should have been doing in class, she wrote, was "active social justice work." So that is what she started to do. She would promote equity, not equal opportunity.

Such stories could be multiplied.

Post Falls parents trust Karen Lauritzen to teach their elementary students. She is getting her PHD in advanced education at University of Idaho, no doubt learning all the latest trends in queer theory and social and emotional learning.

As the Tribune mentions, her social media posts already reflect how she has mastered the education establishment gaslighting on these matters. Critical race theory is NOTHING TO FEAR Idaho, because it is good, she says out of one side of her mouth. Critical race theory is NOT happening here, Lauritzen says out of the other side of her mouth. This is the kind of careful training she receives from University of Idaho's advanced programs.

Would Lauritzen be happy to cultivate transgender ideologies among your children? Probably.

Does Post Falls have a Gay Straight Alliance? Yes. Does it embrace transformative Social and Emotional Learning? Yes. All the pieces are in place.

This teacher is not some unique being. She is honored above all else, but she is a creature of a system. What schools honor they get more of. Do not walk away from Post Falls schools. Run!


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