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Leftist Students Disrupt, Nearly Riot Conservative Event at Eagle High School

Action Idaho has received exclusive video of the Turning Point USA event at Eagle High.

Adam Rose did not know what he was getting into. As Eagle High School’s Turning Point USA president, he was planning the club’s first public speech. (Turning Point is a national group that sponsors clubs on college campuses and in high schools.) He found Prof. Scott Yenor’s views on feminism interesting and provocative, and his club wanted to hear them. Rose invited Yenor to give a talk on January 26. Yenor accepted.

Rose did not exactly know what he was getting into. Leftist students at Eagle High planned a walk out of the event as the date came closer. Rose told Yenor that they could cancel, but both agreed cancelling would be cowardly. What they got was not a walk out but a near riot.

The talk began during the lunch period. Eagle high administration introduced the event calling for “civil dialogue” and respectful exchanges of views. That is how the event started. After Yenor described feminism, he went on to discuss first how it is bad for family life and then began to talk about how it is bad for women. It makes women more “medicated, meddlesome, and quarrelsome than they need to be,” Yenor repeated a line from a speech he had given in 2021 at the National Conservatism conference.

Part of the audience then began its riotous walk out. “The protesters screamed and yelled,” Rose said, “and tried to get the event shut down.” About a hundred students—mostly females—stood up and started cursing and heading for the doors. The speech was delayed a few minutes as the screaming high schoolers exited. Then Yenor quipped: “I think that they just made my point,” to the applause, laughter and hooting of the remaining large crowd.

Yenor finished the speech without incident. The Turning Point group, as Rose said, was happy with the event. “I am very proud of the Eagle High conservatives,” Rose said afterward, “for showing up in big numbers to hear Professor Yenor, despite of all of the backlash they might have received. They helped make this the biggest conservative event ever held at Eagle High school.” Video of the event will be posted in the next few days.

The Left has gone bonkers. One angle is that people were made to feel unsafe by Yenor’s speech. A woman calling herself Liza Long and claiming to have an Ed.D. (Jill Biden’s degree) worries that her child didn’t feel safe. This is rich: the LEFT nearly riots and disrupts; and then claims conservative events should be shut down for safety reasons. And then they claim conservatives are violent extremists. Their claims of safety are just an attempt to impose tyranny on Idaho citizens.

Turning Point USA’s Eagle High students were exemplary citizens. They were mature and self-controlled as the Leftists disrupted the event.

Eagle High restored order, but it should be worried that order needed to be restored and worried about the antics of a large portion of their students. On many universities, students are disciplined for disrupting speeches. Disrupting speeches is considered a form of “deplatforming.” Does Eagle High School have a similar policy? Did the riotous walk-out amount to such disrupting the speech? Will students face disciplinary action?


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