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Liberal Lawrence Wasden Earns Democrat Support

Lawrence Wasden has racked up key endorsements from Democrats and Democratic front groups during this campaign season. Support from leftist circles shows that these groups consider Wasden as the best ally as they are going to get in Idaho.

The Democrat donors and endorsers seem to like Wasden’s approach to being Attorney General. Wasden has repeatedly claimed that his job as Idaho’s Attorney General is to protect the government and its institutions, not to protect the people of Idaho and its laws.

The most startling example of Wasden being embraced by the left is The Idaho 97 endorsement of Wasden. Idaho 97 is a leftist, identity politics website, that seeks to “counter disinformation and hate.” Idaho 97 defines disinformation and hate as anything that conservatives support. It supports lockdowns. It supports vaccine mandates. It supports mask mandates. It supports keeping the state of emergency. It opposes efforts to secure election integrity. It embraces the Diversity Agenda in all its forms in public education. It supports keeping Idaho’s bar in control of the judicial selection process. And it supports Lawrence Wasden.

Idaho 97 is clearly a Democrat front group, endorsing the most liberal Republicans up and down the ballot in an effort to secure candidates most sympathetic to leftist governance in Idaho.

Idaho 97 is following the lead of Democrat attorneys general, past and present and in-state and out-of-state, who have also endorsed and support Wasden.

Tony Park, a former Democrat Attorney General in Idaho, co-hosted a fundraiser for Lawrence Wasden on April 14, 2022. Park also donated money to leftist candidates like former Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo in the past cycle and only gives money to Democrat candidates. He supports Lawrence Wasden.

Thurbert Baker, former Democrat Attorney General in Georgia, has donated money to Lawrence Wasden. Baker was among the attorneys general favored by the liberal organization ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), who gave Baker an “A” for his work. ACORN was among the most left-wing interest groups in America before it was shuttered due to corruption charges—and its favored candidates are sending money to Lawrence Wasden.

Patrick Lynch, former Democrat Attorney General in Rhode Island, has donated money to Lawrence Wasden. Lynch was under fire for lobbying on behalf of gambling interests and pay day lenders without registering as a lobbyist since he left office. He supports Lawrence Wasden.

Most interesting is the strong moral support that Washington’s pro-lockdown Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has defended Wasden’s decisions to stay out of Republican lawsuits against the federal government. Ferguson especially praised Wasden for staying out of lawsuits in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Ferguson, who supports abortion, transgender rights, CRT in schools and just about every cause of the left, considers Wasden a "sharp mind' and a "clear thinker."

Wasden and Ferguson first met at the Aspen Institute, according to Ferguson. The Aspen Institute concerns itself with issues like digital equity and global warming and "trusting business with the ESG movement." Every issue is a leftist issue, and none of the issues are conservative issues. Again, this group welcomes Lawrence Wasden.

Many local attorneys who also only give to Democratic candidates also donate money to just one Republican, Lawrence Wasden (as sunshine reports show).

These endorsements seem to be part of Wasden’s effort to win re-election with Democrat votes across Idaho. Endorsements from Democrats and Democrat front groups like Take Back Idaho and Idaho 97 are key to winning re-election against the strong challenge Raul Labrador presents.

Wasden would have people believe that he is now a constitutional conservative, as he claims in his ads. None of these groups even understands constitutional government. For them, the law is an instrument for promoting progressive change. Their support for Wasden shows that they expect Wasden to support their cause, as much as can be done in Idaho.


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