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Mayor McLean Thinks Grooming Kids to Drag is Beautiful. No Civilization Can Agree and Survive

The Mayor’s defense of drag kids is unserious and uncivilized.

The hub-bub over men dressed as sexualized women pole-dancing with eleven-year-olds reveals much about Boise’s leaders. They think drag kids are born, not made. They think all human beings are at their core very, very sexual by nature, indeed each person is born peculiar sexual orientations and also with peculiar ways of expressing those orientations. The public must celebrate those orientations and build platforms for expressing them. Pride Fest allows people to become who they really are.They think the Pride culture is uniquely beautiful.

In contrast, the Mayor thinks the non-Pride culture is bigoted and harmful. It misshapes people toward weird, merely biological relations.The non-Pride culture is ugly, they think. They surely never do anything to support the non-Pride culture in our city and state.

Mayor McLean defended Boise Pride Fest before parts of it were “postponed” due to “safety concerns.” All planned events, she said, were “positive, inclusive events for all ages.” The Pride event as a whole would show “our kids and teens that they have a home here, that we welcome them, accept, and support them for who they are, as they are” (italics added).

Boise Pride Fest used the same language and same thinking as the Mayor after the sponsors pulled out.

Kind of stopping the drag show was, from their perspective, the real shame. “The kids who were going to perform have the enthusiastic support of the whole community and support and consent of their parents. We support these kids 1000% and their choice to be themselves, stand in their truth, and express themselves. They are brave, beautiful, and deserve their chance to be in the spotlight.” Who are these kids? They are eleven year olds who like to pole-dance with adults!

How does an eleven-year-old come to want to drag dance with adults? How do adults come to want to dance with children? The Mayor and the Pride organizers agree that it is just who the kids are. And it is just who the adults are. Mayor McLean says: “who they are.” Pride writes, “choice to be themselves, stand in their truth.” Kids have genes that make them have blue eyes and have noses on their face. In the same way, kids are born to be drag or they are born to be boys trapped in female bodies.

Sometimes the mayor and her allies think that society corrupts what people do or say. Our transphobic or homophobic society, they seem to think, creates inauthentic selves, where kids must pretend to be something they are not. This, they think is the grossest wrong, like carving out a kid’s eyes and making them a different color. The result of making kids into something they are not is suicide and mental problems. Through Pride events, our New Society celebrates “brave” and “beautiful” kids, who are just doing what they were born to do. Pride saves lives!

Mayor McLean and her allies deny that a perverse society could ever “groom” children to these identities or that children are reacting to public honor attaching to these identities. It could never be, they think, “social contagions” or social pressure or grooming of these identities. Nor are she and her allies worried that adults and ideologues will take advantage of children if society makes this its sexual teaching. The only society that exerts pressure, in their view, is a society teaching Christian sexual morality or that our bodies are part of who we are. The new Progressive society is the only society of free choice, where people are enslaved to their true selves.

Gay Pride is an Uncivilized Ethic

What Mayor McLean and her allies think is hogwash. The question is not whether societies make us who we are, but how societies will shape morality and identity.

Why do we oppose drag fests and Gay Pride generally? Many lovers of liberty will say that these kids do not have a real choice when they go up on stage—they are being groomed and coerced. True enough.

In a larger sense, what they are being groomed to be is the real problem. They are being groomed to think sex is much more central to “who they are” than it is. They are being taught that pole-dancing is “brave” and “beautiful.” They are being taught that sex is merely about pleasure. They are being taught that all sexual expressions are equally valid and “beautiful.”

The drag and Pride traits are as disgusting and uncivilized in adults as they are in children.

Image from WPR.

Again, the question is what we are going to honor and love. The Gay Pride crowd wants to love and honor the Pride above all else. They consider drag to be beautiful.

A decent society would honor and love a different image, one that never gets a month on our calendar and one that points people to satisfying lives of accomplishment and love.

Compare the pictures of the pink ladies above with the picture of a large family. All are smiling. All appear happy. Which can be the basis for a civilized country? Which woman will sit back on her deathbed and feel good about her life? Which men? We cannot have a society that honors both equally. We have to choose. Mayor McLean has chosen her color. We should do and be the opposite.


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