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McGrane Ignores Skeptical Voters concerned about Vicious Attack Ads.

Idaho's race for Secretary of State is gaining national attention. Groups supporting Phil McGrane's candidacy have unleashed a vicious campaign against his opponent Dorothy Moon. When given a chance to disavow the attack ads, McGrane, in effect, thanked them for their support.

McGrane appeared on KLIX News Radio 1310 for a segment with Bill Colley. During a commercial break, listeners heard an attack ad sponsored by McGrane's allies. Idaho voters called in to ask McGrane whether he condemned the ads for their lies and half truths.

In response, McGrane dodged the issue, while quietly endorsing the attack ads. His responses are posted below.

These ads are sponsored by a gun-grabbing, surrender caucus called "Defend and Protect Idaho," about which Action Idaho has posted. This so-called conservative group wants to defend and protect Idaho from conservatives.

The first listener stated that McGrane "sounded like a Democrat" because he "talked around the fact of the money from Zuckerberg, and he didn’t flat out say no I didn’t take any. And he also did not say I do not approve of these negative campaigns." She was shocked that McGrane did not condemn such vile statements about a fellow member of his party.

Another listener was confident that Dorothy Moon does not endorse rapists or white supremacy. The listener thought the ads were lies and that McGrane "could have some input" with the group that is running them publicly. McGrane again dodged, claiming that he was not allowed to talk to those groups. Again, McGrane did not condemn the ads directly.

The third listener was concerned that McGrane is backed by “the far left of the Republican Party.” McGrane had repeatedly talked about "Idaho values" which is "a buzz word used by many of the leftists in the Republican Party. “I find it interesting that Phil is backed by Butch Otter, Maxine Bell, and Take Back Idaho“ he said. In reposing McGrane stated that he is “proud to have the support" he is getting from leaders at the far left of the Republican Party.

It is sad to see our elections devolve into such vicious name-calling and character assassination. McGrane and this group have promised to return Idaho to civility and to represent Idaho values. But McGrane's shadowy allies are giving us a new normal, where conservatives are slandered with impunity.

Action Idaho will update this story in the coming hours and days.

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