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Meridian Mayor, City Council Endorse Grooming Children at Boise Pride Festival

A Meridian City Proclamation endorses Boise's upcoming Pride Fest as “bringing the community together” around drag shows and grooming children.

A PDF of the Boise Pride Festival shows that the Meridian Mayor, and all five members of the Meridian City Council, support the Boise Pride Festival as an event that brings the Treasure Valley community “together” and pushes back against “prejudices of any kind so that people may live openly and freely without fear of harm.”

Boise Pride Festival is making “superheroes” its theme this year. Who likes superheroes? Children do! This is a groomer-fest, where sickos peddle their sexuality in front of children in order to encourage children to think of themselves as sexual objects. There may not be pillars of salt at the Pridefest, but there will be Gomorrah!

What prejudices do Meridian's Mayor and City Council want to see gone? Among them, apparently, is the prejudice that adults should not have sex with children or groom children to be sexual. Meridian’s Mayor Robert E. Simison and the Meridian City council endorse the idea that eleven-year-olds should dress in drag in front of crowds. They endorse the idea that men dressed as sexualized women should put children on their laps and read them stories about sex and fantasy. They endorse the idea that young children should learn what are called the pole arts.

Meridian’s Mayor Robert E. Simison and his city council claim that they believe that all people should live openly and freely among us. Do they think that pedophiles should live freely among us? If not, perhaps they could provide some list of people who should not live openly and freely among us.

The Meridian City Council may want us to "live together in harmony" with child groomers. We politely decline, and we reject your moral leadership.


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