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Police: At least 2 shooters kill 6, wound 12 in Sacramento

It's not the guns, it's the culture of violence and the #bluestatevalues that accompany it. Biden and Democrats never waste time to politicize as their playbook dictates, "Let no crisis go to waste." Yet, their focus on gun control is merely sly misdirection from the true cause: Coddling criminals for various political reasons results in bad things happening; California has led the way. See Chicago for more. Just another weekend of no #lawandorder

This illustrates what sensible Idahoans don't want to see coming to this state.

UPDATE: 2nd Sacramento suspect had been freed early from prison on assault rap

UPDATE: In other news, 4/14: "Need more evidence the progressive left has turned our cities into a hell hole: Alleged shooter Frank James' past arrests include threatening former boss" — Charlie Gasparino

Sacramento Fire Department personnel respond to a shooting Friday, July 16, 2021, in Old Sacramento that left two dead and four injured. Public Safety News


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