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Putting Phil McGrane in a Box

McGrane sees no problems to his left when it comes to election integrity.

Idaho’s Megaphones are excited about Phil McGrane becoming the second Idahoan on the cover of Time Magazine. Idaho Press and KTVB have run fawning stories. McGrane is among those, according to Time Magazine, who are standing in the way of “conspiracy theorists” who “want to run America’s elections.” The article itself is all smoke and no fire--never even attempting to say how America's elections are coming under attack except to insult people suspicious of the 2020 election.

McGrane is featured with other state election officials and candidates like Adrian Fontes (Democrat-AZ), Jocelyn Benson(Democrat-Michigan), Steve Simon (Democrat-Minnesota), Cisco Aguilar (Democrat-Nevada). Phil McGrane is on the cover with all these election integrity deniers!

McGrane is not featured much in the article. At one point, the article claims McGrane “defeated two election deniers to win the GOP nomination for secretary of state.” An opponent arguing for paper ballots suggested that she “would decertify election equipment,” something McGrane found alarming. “There are some things that are just logistical and practical and have to work,” he argues.

True enough. European countries use paper ballots and have very few issues with election integrity. Let Idaho use paper ballots as a “logistical and practical” way of collecting ballots that works.

The most troubling part of McGrane's candidacy has always been his unwillingness to see problems of election integrity. As we have shown, the problem with the 2020 election is the change in the agreed upon rules of the game to allow absentee ballots to be handed in without verification. The Wisconsin Supreme Court even declared Wisconsin’s election illegitimate because it was conducted under a lawless process. No one can know whether all of the legitimate ballots would have yielded a different result in the different states, because the illegitimate ballots were mixed in with legitimate ones. McGrane calls this "election denial." But it is a reasonable worry--one that opens serious questions about the 2020 election.

The fact that Phil McGrane never even attempts to understand the issue of voter integrity is a big, big problem. He buys into the leftist narrative on the 2020 election. He does interviews in their media outlets. He criticizes conservatives and only conservatives when he does interviews in the leftist media. His every action should be viewed with suspicion. McGrane never sees any problems to his left when it comes to election integrity.

Therefore, Idaho lawmakers must make McGrane see the problems to his left.

Idaho lawmakers should favor in person, paper ballots at stationary voting places with sufficient proof of voter identification. They should codify lists of “do nots” and “will nots.” Absentee ballots without adequate certification will not be counted. Idaho will not allow mail-in ballots as the primary vehicle for elections. Parties will not be in charge of electioneering and ballot harvesting. We should insist on a straight up or down vote in head to head races, never allowing ranked choice voting or the jungle primary.

Phil McGrane is likely to be interested in trendy left-wing plans for voter access, without regard for voter integrity. Phil McGrane is who we think he is. Only the legislature can put him in a box so that Idaho’s elections can become more accurate and trustworthy.

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