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Salmon River Counselor Promotes Gay Pride

School counselors promote pride to confused students too, even in small-town Idaho.

Salmon River school district counselor promotes gay pride and sexual liberation on her resources page. There is not corresponding Christian or real-world set of resources on her page. It contains only left-wing, sexualized resources. Is this what the people of small-town Riggins and the people of Idaho want?

Let us say you are an awkward teenager in Riggins, home of Salmon River schools. The counsellor might seek you out to give you advice on readiness for high school or college. This counselor might ask how you are doing or what might be bothering you. She can point that awkward kid in the direction that she wants. She can interpret that awkwardness for the kid.

The Salmon River counselor (whose LinkedIn bio is here) is advertising to Riggins-area parents how she will “help” these children. She will interpret their awkwardness and their dreams through a gay-pride lens. She will groom them for an LGBTQIA+ world. They are oppressed. They are abused. They are bullied. They need affirmation. The reason they are awkward is because they are gay. Coming out is the best solution.

The counselor has two gay-friendly “resources” for students (see the picture of her

resources below). One resource on "Dating, relationships and safety planning" points students to the Love is Respect website. Perhaps it is difficult to date, but Love is Respect is not the resource to learn how to do it or why to do it. Love is Respect is mostly very positive about boy-boy and girl-girl sexual relationships. It cultivates an “us-against-the-world” attitude on same-sex attraction. It has buttons on its homepage dedicated to “When your family doesn’t approve of your partner” (the theme of which is to ignore your parents and do “what’s healthiest for you and your life”); and on “LGBTQIA+ relationships and dating violence.”

Generally, Love is Respect depicts boy-girl relations as especially fraught with violence and unhealthy co-dependence, while same-sex relations, though sometimes violent, are peaceful and healthy. In choosing Love is Respect, the school counselor is ignoring a wide range of other options for dating advice, including advice that actually connects dating to the idea of marriage. Is it so hard to have our school counselors to mention that sex and marriage belong together at least sometimes? Is it unspeakable to say that marriage is the safest and most respectful relation imaginable in our situation? That is too much to hope for. Why is "you must be gay" the go-to counsel from the counselor's website.

The other resource points students to LGBTQ2SIA+ resources at Portland’s Q Center. (2Q means queer or questioning.) Nothing could be more straightforward than this website, which openly advocates for coming out as gay as a young person in order to be safe, resilient, anti-oppression, transparent, inclusive and so on. The resource points students to dozens more. It promotes “affinity groups” and zoom sessions for meeting up with other gays and joining bisexual/biracial groups. Apparently, the Salmon River counselor is recommending that students travel to Portland to “come out.”

This should come as no surprise. School counselors are not what they used to be. School counseling is not just about college prep. It is also about gay pride. Every institution has been corrupted. The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) promotes the full spectrum of LGBTQIA tropes and programs. It offers tons of GLBTQ materials. It offers advice on how to start Gay Straight Alliance clubs in a school. It recommends articles like “Enhancing Social Capital: The Role of the School Counselor-Principal Alliance in School Counselor Advocacy Activities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning or Queer Students (Nov 2022); “School Counselor Advocacy for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students: Intentions and Practice”; and “ ‘Pull it out there That You Are Willing to Talk About Anything’: The Role of School Counselors in Providing Support to Gay and Bisexual Youth.”

Every institution has been corrupted.

ASCA also sows affirming fluid gender identities and diverse sexual orientations into their Ethical Standards for School Counselors. Again, no mention is made of marriage.

What it takes to be a certified school counselor, in other words, is a heavy dose of LGBTQ advocacy. The Salmon River's BSU-educated school counselor is offering it.

School counselors are promoting the LGBTQIA+ agenda. So are school boards. Who else? Tune in tomorrow as degeneracy week continues. There is no shortage of corrupt influences in our public schools.


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