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Soros-Backed Refugee Advocacy Group Wins HUGE Federal Contract to Prevent Deportations

We have reported on the flow of foreign refugees into Boise. In sheer numbers Idaho has taken in about 1,500 foreign refugees a year for years. States have few levers to stop the flow of immigrants and refugees once they are in the country, though there are some levers. As we wrote in August,

Here is how the refugee process works. First, refugees present themselves to Department of Homeland Security (usually coming through the border illegally) where a refugee status determination interview is conducted. (A vast array of interest groups helps refugees prepare favorable applications.) Once DHS approves refugee status, a State Department outfit called the Refugee Processing Center transports refugees to a one of the nine national refugee resettlement agencies. Then, these resettlement agencies coordinate with willing “local partners” to manage the refugee’s cases.

Interest groups grease the skids at every level. When refugees arrive, they immediately get legal representation from interest groups provided by open borders groups like Catholic Charities or Lutheran World Relief. These groups operate at every level of the refugee process, from entry into the country to placement into cities like Boise.

Now the Biden Administration has given a huge grant to fund the Left to bring refugees into every nook and cranny of the United States. From Breitbart and Fox News:

A non-governmental organization (NGO), with financial links to billionaire George Soros, has won a $41 million federal contract from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to help illegal aliens evade deportation from the United States.

This money is on top of the $172 million received by the parent group to do the same thing. The federal government funds refugee rights groups with over $200 million in the past year in order for refugees to "fight deportation" and then be settled in the country.

Idaho should rescind its designation as a "refugee resettlement" area and cease all ways of participating in this farcical program. America funds the Left to destroy the country. Disgraceful.


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