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Tax Dollars Fund Drag Dancing at Coeur d'Alene Pride in the Park

Public money and support is helping to fund gay pride events throughout Kootenai County.

First is the upcoming Pride in the Park event at the CDA City Park and Bandshell on June 11, 2022. The Pride event promises family-friendly drag dance parties and other family actives. Sponsors for the event include TDS, Clark’s Diamond Jewelers, Heritage Health, Project Filter, INW Creative, and P1FCU.

Project Filter, a part of Idaho's Health and Welfare Department, is using money from the tobacco settlement to sponsor Pride in the Park.

Project Filter was seeded with money from Idaho's Tobacco settlement in the late 1990s. In 2006, voters placed 80% of all future settlement funds in a Joint Millennium Fund. $2,706,700 to the Department of Health and Welfare went to Project Filter, a smoking cessation program, from the Joint Millennium Fund in 2018. More money flowed into Project Filter in subsequent years under the guidance of Health and Welfare and its district health offices. Tax dollars fund drag dance parties in the CDA Park and Bandshell. North Idaho Pride Alliance community sponsors must donate at least $5,000, it appears, to have their names on social media platforms. Project Filter is not sponsoring Pride on the Runway, an evening of drag and dancing coming up soon. The North Idaho Pride Alliance also grooms children with library programs that bring LGBTQIA books to struggling, curious young readers in CDA.

The Idaho Tribune has another example. The North Idaho Pride Alliance is co-sponsoring an event with Emerge CDA, an art collective downtown that the the Coeur d'Alene's Arts Commission sponsors. Samantha Collins of the Tribune has the receipts. Bottom line:

While money flows from Coeur d’Alene’s tax payers to Emerge CDA, the tax payer is ineligible to vote on who heads the Arts Commission. This has created a situation where the voter cannot decide where their money goes, or what kind of “art” the city funds.

Last week the devil came to CDA's Arts Commission with publicly-funded satanic art. Now it is open mic night with North Idaho Pride Alliance. Degeneracy.

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