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The Idaho Left’s BIG LIE about the 2020 Election

Leftist claims that the 2020 election was totally on the up-and-up are transparently false, no matter how many times they repeat them. Do not be ashamed.

Democrat Tom Arkoosh, and his fake Republican enablers, have a Big Lie Problem. All who think that the 2020 elections were irregular, they say, are “Election Deniers” or tell “The Big Lie.” Arkoosh himself acts as if he would never have gotten in the race except that Raul Labrador, the Republican candidate, believes in the Big Lie. Labrador has said he would have joined other state attorneys general in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the electoral voting process until questions of election integrity were resolved in 2020.

Joining the lawsuit would have been the right thing to do. Everyone in America had an interest in election integrity so all responsible attorneys general should have demanded that the 2020 election was governed by law. Everyone has suffered the consequences of Joe Biden's time in the White House, after all!

Arkoosh seems to believe that all who raise questions about election integrity are undermining democracy. He pretends to think that Labrador is a threat to our democracy.

Republicans should have a good conscience about their worries about the 2020 elections, and all should be able to laugh at Arkoosh’s selective history.

There are two very different claims about election integrity.

Claim # 1. The rules in place on election day were just fine, but forces manipulated those rules to benefit Joe Biden. Some people claim Dominion voting machines somehow rigged the vote for Biden. Some claim that loads of ballots were dumped in the middle of the night. Claim # 1 is that the election was STOLEN.

Claim # 2. The rules on election night were themselves rigged to allow lower standards for

absentee ballots, vote harvesting, and manipulation. The proper counting of the cast votes showed Joe Biden the victor, but the process by which the ballots arrived at voting centers was fundamentally compromised. Claim # 2 is that the election was RIGGED.

Arkoosh and those like him pretend that all who worry about the 2020 election are making Claim # 1, when in reality Claim # 2 is the REAL problem.

Nowhere is this more clear than in Wisconsin, whose Supreme Court has now actually ruled that the 2020 election in Wisconsin was “illegitimate.” Let us follow the reasoning.

First, the principle. As announced by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Grassi Bradley, “If elections are conducted outside of the law, the people have not conferred their consent on the government. Such elections are unlawful, and their results are illegitimate.”

All parties submit to a certain process for elections as set in law. They operate a campaign based on those processes. The electoral college, for instance, shapes how presidential candidates run a campaign. They focus on key “swing” states, not population centers to run up the score. It would be lawless to have the electoral college in place but then right before the election assert, without a change in the law, that the winner of the popular vote will be the president. Same goes for all election rules. If the rules are changed without a change in the law, the election processes are not governed by law and a very different process, one perhaps rigged for one side over the other, has been imposed on a state without the consent of its lawmakers or its people. That is illegitimate.

Second, applying the principle. The Wisconsin Supreme Court then showed that Wisconsin election officials had, without a change in law, changed the rules governing the election process in several ways. Employees at the Wisconsin Election Commission allowed for the establishment of election drop boxes, where family members or “another person” could return mailed absentee ballots during an election. Under Wisconsin law, however, all ballots must be mailed in person or delivered in person to the municipal clerk. The law had no room for drop boxes. These rules are designed to protect ballot integrity from threats like ballot harvesting and manipulation of elderly voters.

For the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the change in process was enough evidence to declare the election outside Wisconsin law and therefore illegitimate.

Third, the functional effect of the lawless election? Trump “lost” Wisconsin by 20,000 votes. More than 700,000 were collected under the illegal absentee ballot process. Election “mules” dropped more than 137,000 votes into drop boxes. Thousands of nursing home votes were harvested through this process, with some nursing homes in Democrat counties having 100% participation (something never before witnessed). About 65,000 votes arrived through the Zuckerbucks project.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled that Trump did not have to prove that the lawless process cost him the election. He only had to prove that the process was lawless. He did that. But it does not take a wizard to see that it also might have cost him Wisconsin.

Much the same change of process happened in Michigan and Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Reaction to the Wisconsin ruling was the usual fare. Slate, for instance, bemoaned the fact that “without a shred of evidence, the court has thrown its weight behind a dangerous conspiracy theory that helped to fuel the Jan. 6 insurgency.” The change in the law IS the evidence. Unlawful votes were the result of an obvious change!

The months after the 2020 election are a blur. Trump supporters made many stupid and outlandish claims. It was difficult for all of us to separate the truth from fiction. And Trump should have had lawyers on the ground fighting against these lawless state actions before the election, instead of litigating them a year and a half later. Trump should never have said the he won the election in a landslide. He did not.

The idea that the 2020 elections were totally on the up-and-up is THE BIG LIE. Democra