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The Left is Gunning for Idaho, Part 2

The great Greg Pruett has been cataloguing the ways that the Left is attacking Idaho for a while. His Gem State Heist series (here is part one and part two) shows how the Colorado Plan is being executed in Idaho (part one) through a bunch of assorted interest groups, which he describes in depth (part two).

What are these groups doing? The Bushnell Report has the answers.

First, they are working to change the laws in Idaho. The Left, working through Reclaim Idaho, got their medicaid expansion in 2018, working with the hospitals. Including a lot of money to promote Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex education in schools by hoodwinking Idahoans into approving the Idaho Quality Education Act as an initiative. Video available at the link.

Second, these Leftist groups are also behind efforts to bully and stigmatize the Idaho Freedom Foundation, according to videos. Perhaps they are even working together with Take Back Idaho, a group of liberal republicans, led by Jim Jones, who want to defeat conservative candidates in the upcoming primaries. Notice how the names even resemble one another? The Leftist group is "Reclaim Idaho." The supposedly Republican group is "Take back Idaho." Doesn't "taking back" involve "reclaiming"?

Third, they are targeting areas like Kootenai County by supporting liberal candidates for city councils and organizing on their behalf, according to videos secured by the Bushnell Reports. They are registering Democrats as Republicans according to videos, something designed to defeat conservative candidates. Bushnell Report provides a transcript of the video conversation between two Leftist leaders:

We are estimating that there are 12 races in the Republican primary that will come down to 1000 votes based on historical data, and we are going to focus on those areas...

It is almost as if the Left is Gunning for Idaho.


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