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The Problems with Boise Pride Fest: Degeneracy Turned up to Eleven!

Publicly funding Pride is bad. Sexualizing children is bad. The whole movement is bad too.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean’s mealy-mouthed defense of the Boise Pride Fest after Zion’s Bank dropped its partnership provides a window into Leftist thinking. She is hiding what is really going on. She is keeping the main issue in shadows. She is showing herself to be every bit as decadent as the Pride movement she nominally leads.

The modern Left makes a series of assumptions about human beings, all present in Pride displays. Leftists think that human beings are fundamentally sexual creatures from birth, that emancipating and affirming every iota of that sexual nature is the prerequisite for a good life, that stigmas and taboos repress natural and healthy sexual desires, and that nothing is more important to human identity than these natural sexual desires.

Mayor McLean would have us think that "pride and inclusivity do not begin at age 18," as she says in her statement below. Put another way: we sexualize innocents and ruins their lives way before they know what hit them.

Drag performances with children are about normalizing sexual expression among children and emancipating sexual expression among adults. People can become accustomed to seeing children as sexual objects by seeing children depicted as sexual objects. Drag is part of the “critical pedagogy” of freeing the queer imagination of young children, so that they do not end up stuck in the musty old world of sexual restraint and love. Drag performances suggest that children must learn to trust adults other than their parents, as James Lindsay has shown. The adults "benefit" from drag too, since pedophiliac actions and desires are normalized. Pedophiles must no longer hide.

It is bad that Pride organizers openly embrace the sexualization of children. It is bad that our cities have embraced that goal. It is bad that public entities are funding these performances.

In a larger sense, the whole movement is bad because it puts forward a degrading, demeaning, and dangerous view of human sexuality.

We are all much more than the sum total of quirky sexual desires: we are rational beings, we are political beings, we are religious beings, we are coupling beings. But we don’t become political or religious or coupling or rational automatically. None of it happens without cultural support and education. The Gay Pride culture teaches people that they are fundamentally sexual, and every other aspect of human being suffers from their perverse emphasis on sexuality.

The goal of performances like drag dancing with children is always to elevate deviant sexual practices and undermine normal sexual practices. Every practice in Gay Pride Festival is a marketing opportunity to normalize sexual perversity. People must become accustomed to the idea that men will shake their hinders at the front of other men’s pants. If you don’t love those things, then, as Mayor McLean writes in her mealy-mouthed statement, you embrace “clearly anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and actions.” Does the + include pedophiles? Voicing opposition is violence itself!

While Pride Month organizers are smug with moral superiority thinking that they represent Progress and true civilization, Pride Month more and more violates the norms of a civilized country. History will not be kind to their way of thinking.

A decent country capable of governing itself (and following something higher than the human groin) teaches about sexuality. Sex must be put in its place, just as all low but necessary desires must be put in their place. What Pride organizers think about human beings is all wrong, though we are in the middle of a generations-long delusion about this.

Let us catalogue the errors.

1. Human beings are not fundamentally sexual from birth. They come to have sexual desires later in life.

2. Learning to put sex in its place is the key to accomplishing great things in life, though the organizers think that learning to express sexuality is itself the great thing in life.

3. Putting sex in its place is a society-wide job, one that involves elevating marriage and having children and encouraging honorable ambition. That is why we have laws against obscenity in public, among other things.

4. Sex is something we do, not who we are.

5. Stigmas and taboos help point people to lives of virtue, and social creatures need the assistance from such do’s and don’ts to help them subordinate sex within their lives.

6. Many sexual desires are not healthy (i.e., pedophilia, for instance) and learning not to act upon them and to think them dishonorable is the key to a good life.

The Christians and Mormons of Idaho might instinctively understand these errors of Pride better than most. They are the assumptions of a healthier society capable of practicing virtue and following higher commands and callings. It is delusional to think that one can indulge in the Pride ideology without compromising the ability to follow higher commands and callings. It is one or the other.

Be outraged at the whole Pride festival. Drag pole dancing with children will not be its last act. Normalizing pedophila will continue. Public nudity is coming. Public sex acts are coming. Open advertisements for pornography are coming.

Your legitimate outrage must steel your spine toward civilized sexual morality. All of us need to shed ourselves of these decadent assumptions about human beings. That job starts at home and with like-minded believers.

That is called a culture--one that is much more livable and lasting than the culture of Pride.

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