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Was the 2020 "Vandalism" of the Anne Frank Memorial a Hate Crime Hoax?

Recent hoaxes shine light on the Mother of All Hoaxes, a sacred event for Idaho's Left.

The Idaho Left specializes in hate crime hoaxes. Annually gays or their allies burn pride flags on Harrison Blvd in Boise, and then cry wolf about Idaho's environment of hate. Last week, students in Caldwell staged a "White Power" hate crime at Caldwell High School. Years ago, as we have catalogued, a gay student at BSU beat himself near campus and claimed to have been jumped by a homophobic gang. Community outpouring followed, even when it was exposed.

Could the so-called vandalism of the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in 2020 also have been a hate crime hoax?

It happened in December 2020. Nine stickers with swastikas symbols were stuck on the tunnels near the Anne Frank Memorial in Downtown Boise, not exactly on the Memorial itself. There were also signs saying "We are everywhere." Nothing was really harmed at the Memorial. Other graffiti was also said to be found on the Memorial.

The story got international attention. National Public Radio did a story on it. So did CNN and NBC and even the Times of Israel ran stories on the incident.

Locals condemned the so-called vandalism. “I want to make this incredibly clear: The vandalism at the Anne Frank Memorial is reprehensible,” Boise Mayor Lauren McLean said during an online news conference. “It is an affront to all that we are, the values we hold dear, to the memories of so many people in this community and this country who fought against that very topic, and of course, and of course to the people in this community who it targets."

“We take all instances of hate and hate messaging seriously. Recently we were part of an investigation with our federal partners to arrest several individuals with ties to Neo-Nazi ideology,” the Boise Police Department said in a statement.

The lists of quotes is nauseatingly long.

However, there have always been reasons for thinking that the so-called vandalism was a hate hoax. The saying "We are everywhere" is a saying of the Left (see their poster below), not one embraced by white supremacists. Nazis see themselves as an embattled minority; our supposed victimized minorities use the claim to victimhood as a flex. Victims are indeed everywhere! The police never released footage from cameras at the scene, as they often are in actual crimes. No arrests were ever made, nor was much of an investigation conducted at Boise Police Department. There was no violence. There was no property damage. These are the best hoaxes because there are no real consequences for police inaction. There was no real crime anyway.

The biggest reason to think that the Anne Frank Memorial incident was a hate crime, however, was just how it fit the pattern of hoaxes. Hate crime hoaxes support the Narrative that minorities in America are constantly under siege from a violent, hostile culture. The Media support the Narrative with their Megaphone. The supposed victims all rally together to one another. The cult of minority celebration needs continual propaganda reinforcement. The LBGTQIA+ community, for instance, is held together by their othering of the other. They need scapegoats. They need the opposition. Without it their Pride turns to shame.

Hoaxes are a nationwide craze. Hoaxes are increasingly common since Donald Trump came down the escalator in 2015. Books have been written on the phenomenon.

Yet our leaders never entertain the possibility of hate crime hoaxes. This is not stupidity on their part. They are in on the victim-racket. Their power lies on their adherence to the Narrative. Expect no prosecutions for these hoaxers or for most others. Expect no questions. Expect the hoax craze to continue. When you hear "hate crime," think "hoax" unless there is a real crime. Then be suspicious until there is a jury verdict.


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