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Wasden's Excuses

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has issued a statement berating Idaho Family Policy Center's Blaine Conzatti and local media (including Action Idaho) for misrepresenting the stay on Idaho's Heartbeat Law.

According to Idaho Supreme Court documents, the Attorney General and Planned Parenthood entered into an agreement to stay the law so that legal proceedings could be delayed. Wasden now claims that the Supreme Court said this in error. Therefore, according to Wasden, those of us who quote the Supreme Court's decision are misrepresenting Wasden's position.

Wasden has every reason to worry about how he looks--he looks like he is wrecking Idaho's Heartbeat Law.

What reason does the Idaho Supreme Court have for misrepresenting Wasden's position?

Why is Wasden complaining about Idaho Family Policy Center instead of the Idaho Supreme Court? They, after all, have made what he must think is the grossest error here.

Or did they err at all?

Perhaps Wasden can make all of his documents public, instead of casting aspersions at those who just know how to read an Idaho Supreme Court decision. If he gains a retraction from the Idaho Supreme Court, Action Idaho will correct the original story.


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