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Will Bundy, or Won't He?

A contingent of Idaho voters want Bundy to run. What would his run mean?

The pundit question is will Bundy run for governor of Idaho. Gem State Substack's Brian Almon, our sometime AI contributor, asks whether Bundy should run for governor in a recent post. Almon lays out the beginning of Bundy's case.

Despite his platform of low taxes, banning abortion, and reclaiming state sovereignty, some Republicans point to his history of getting arrested and his suspicion of police as disqualifying. Incidentally, I assume those two issues are related - Bundy’s experience with law enforcement has come from federal agents attempting to seize his family’s land, a shootout with the FBI in Oregon, and being arrested for what he considers exercising his constitutional rights.


I believe the issues Bundy is raising, especially with regards to the relationship of our state to the federal government, will need to be tackled one way or another in the coming decades.


Is Bundy going to be able to articulate a clear and convincing conservative message that can counteract the ad blitz that Governor Little is sure to unleash next fall? Will enough disaffected conservatives vote against Brad Little, even if it means voting for Ammon Bundy?

We should think long and hard about what Bundy's claim to rule is and why Idahoans should consider it.


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